2014-2015 EVENTS

JUNGLE FEVER 2014: Sunday 16th November

WINTER WONDERLAND 2014: Saturday 29th November & Sunday 30th November

UK UNIVERSITY NATIONALS 2015: Friday 13th February & Saturday 14th February

HEART OF ENGLAND 2015: Sunday 15th February 

CIRCUS SPECTACULAR 2015: Saturday 7th March & Sunday 8th March

FC BRINGS IT ON PARIS 2015: Saturday 28th March

ADVENTURE IN ATLANTIS 2015: Saturday 11th April & Sunday 12th April


TREASURE IRELAND 2015: Sunday 28th June

FC INTERNATIONALS 2015: Saturday 11th July & Sunday 12th July

SCHOOLS OUT 2015: Sunday 19th July

2013-2014 EVENTS

For the 2013-2014 season results will show the percentage score, calculated from the total of the 3 panel judges score sheets minus deductions, rather than a total score.

JUNGLE FEVER 2013: Sunday 17th November Results

WINTER WONDERLAND 2013: Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th December Results

HEART OF ENGLAND 2014: Saturday 15th February Results. Sunday 16th February Results

SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER 2014: Saturday 22nd February Results. Sunday 23rd February Results.

CIRCUS SPECTACULAR 2014: Sunday 9th March Results.

FC BRINGS IT ON 2014: Saturday 29th March Results

ADVENTURE IN ATLANTIS 2014: Saturday 12th April Results

SUPERHERO SPIRIT CHALLENGE 2014: Sunday 11th May Results

FC INTERNATIONALS 2014: Windsor Hall Saturday 12th July Results. Windsor Hall Sunday 13th July Results. Purbeck Hall Saturday 12th July Results, Purbeck Hall Sunday 13th July Results.

FC Schools Outs 2014: Saturday 19th July 

2012-2013 EVENTS

SUPER HERO SPIRIT CHALLENGE 2013: Saturday 11th May 2013

FC INTERNATIONALS 2013: Saturday 6th July - Windsor Session 1. Windsor Session 2. Purbeck Session 1. Purbeck Session 2

                                          Sunday 7th July - Windsor Session 1. Windsor Session 2. Purbeck Session 1. Purbeck Session 2


SCHOOLS OUT FOR SUMMER 2013: Saturday 13th July 2013