Barcelona 18 : Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain:
Saturday 9th June19 

Welcome to Future Cheer's new Cheerleading and Dance Competition, being held in the capital of Catalonia, Spain.  Join us at this truly beautiful and vibrant city in Spain, where we are holding another of our exciting competitions on Saturday 9th June 2019.
It couldn't be easier to get to Barcelona with hundreds of flights each week from all over Europe. It's "easier" and "cheaper" to get to Barcelona from here in the UK then it is from Glasgow to London. 

When you arrive the Aerobus bus service from the airport stops directly outside the venue and only takes 30 mins door to door. With hundreds of Hotels, Hostels, Apartments, all within walking distance of both the venue and beach there is something to suit everyone's budget!! 

To find out further about the Hotel and Travel options, just click on the brochure here on the right and scroll through the pages or click here

Event QR Code Running Order for this Event.

This QR Code contains the running order for Barcelona. The running order will be published approximately two weeks prior to the date of the event. 

If you prefer a paper copy of the running order, please print this out and bring it with you, using the link above for the most up-to-date schedule. Please be aware that the running order is subject to change.

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Competition Schedule: All Tiny, Mini, Youth, Junior, Senior & Open teams compete in Cheer, Stunt Groups, Solos, Individuals and Dance.

Competition Floor: All Cheer Teams compete on a 54ft wide by 42ft deep SPRUNG FLOOR. All Dance Teams compete on a 50ft wide by 36ft high gloss, Harlequin Dance Floor. The floor is laid directly over the sprung cheer floor to give the dancer's preference of a spring dance floor.

Registration: To participate in any Future Cheer Competition you must submit the registration on-line along with full payment by the registration deadlines. Coach Qualifications are also required.

Spectator Tickets: For further information regarding Spectator Tickets click here

Adult  Ticket a Day £20:00  (Person aged 12 years and above.)

Child  Ticket a Day £10:00  (Child aged between 5 and 11 years of age.)

Infant Ticket a Day £  0:00  (Child aged 4years and below.)


If you require any further help regarding this event please contact the following:

Early Registration, Registration, Payment, The Venue, Spectator Tickets, General Enquiries: email

The Competition Divisions, Scheduling, Running Order, Warm Up, Legalities, Scoring Queries: email

or call us on 0208 669 2555.

Fira Barcelona, Catalonia

Fira de Barcelona, Av.Reina M Cristina, s/n 08004 Barcelona

Fira Barcelona

8B Hall

Av. Reina Maria Cristina,

08004 Barcelona